Implementation leadership

Usability can be either enhanced or negatively impacted by the general quality, stability, robustness, and reliability of your product. Quality factors of your product are affected not only by the skill, care, and motivation of your team members, but also by the processes your team uses to design and build the product. Thus it's important to get your development processes right.

Implementation phase startup

When planning and initiating a new software development project, many organizations unfortunately neglect to consider and plan all of the process issues needed for success. Winchelsea Systems can analyze your project's situation and make recommendations in any or all the following areas:

  • Selecting the right technology stack and toolset
  • Designing the project's architectural framework
  • Automating build and deployment processes
  • Setting up test case and test data management tools and processes
  • Establishing a quality management structure and processes
  • Implementing a lean project documentation strategy

Process optimization

Is your software project already underway, but you're having trouble meeting your deadlines, or you're constantly dealing with quality issues?

In some teams, internal politics make it difficult not only to reach consensus on the best solutions, but even to honestly identify the fundamental problems and their root causes. A fresh perspective from an impartial third party might be just what you need. An analysis of your processes and recommendations for concrete process improvements can help get your project back on track.


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