Product strategy and planning

The earliest stages of conceptualizing a potential software application or website are critical. Important decisions must be made for the project that are difficult and expensive to reverse at later stages. Initiating a product development effort should at least involve:

  • Brainstorming possibilities, establishing a vision, and setting long-term goals and targets
  • Identifying project stakeholders' core needs and expectations
  • Researching the market and competition
  • Generating an initial statement of project/product scope
  • Planning key differentiators and creating a positioning statement
  • Deciding on a project methodology (e.g., a variation of RUP, or an agile approach)
  • Planning the integration of User-Centered Design techniques in all stages of the project
  • Detailed project planning, resourcing, scheduling, and estimation
  • Initial considerations of technical architecture concerns
  • Economic and technical viability analysis
  • Designing a product line strategy
  • Planning for change and uncertainty

Winchelsea Systems can help you and your team with key tasks in the earliest product and project planning stages, ensuring that usability is built into the process, and orienting the project for success.


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