Requirements engineering

In planning and designing a new software product or web application, it is crucial to understand the needs and expectations of stakeholders, to set appropriate objectives so that the various stakeholder groups are satisfied, and to clearly define the project scope to prevent costly and embarrassing budget and deadline overruns.

Requirements engineering is an iterative and ongoing process of understanding the project context, the domain, the users, and the marketplace. Requirements analysis and specification is intimately meshed with the process of design; as design progresses, questions arise which can lead to changes in requirements, which can then result in further design changes.

For the purposes of UI/UX design and usability testing, it is critical to discover the characteristics and needs of your users and customers, and to understand and/or design the tasks and activities that your users will perform with your product.

Kevin Matz has been heavily involved in requirements gathering, analysis, modeling, and specification activities in teams and projects of various sizes, and can use a number of techniques and approaches to ensure that your requirements are discovered, refined, structured, and communicated in clear and measurable ways.


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