Usability analysis

Winchelsea Systems can inspect your designs, your prototype, or your current product, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop a concrete plan of suggested recommendations for improvement.

An expert analysis will consider:

  • Application- or site-wide visual design, checking for logical and attractive design and consistency in structure, layout, presentation, and branding
  • Design of individual screens/pages and interactions
  • Presentation of the underlying conceptual schema and information architecture
  • Efficiency analysis of interactions (optimization of keystrokes and gestures)
  • Visual appeal, understandability, and learnability as perceived and experienced by the target user communities
  • Internationalization issues (if applicable)
  • Accessibility issues (if applicable)
  • Comparison with competing products (if applicable)

A usability analysis will provide you with concrete recommendations for improving your product. This information can be provided via a formal written report, via one or more presentations, or by means of group discussion sessions with your designers and developers.

Usability testing

An expert inspection and analysis reveals defects and potentially problematic issues and gives you recommendations based on the current state of the art and best practices.

But there's no better way to really know if users find your product usable and satisfying than to test it out with actual users.

Winchelsea Systems can run usability testing sessions with actual or representative users. These evaluations and observations capture usage data and opinions that frequently reveal unexpected difficulties and special cases that challenge designers' assumptions. Identifying and fixing problematic issues before the product is released can save your organization embarrassment and prevent costly future rework. As part of a longer-term project strategy, iterative usability testing can help ensure that you're building a product that your users will love, leading to increased market share.


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